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It's time

to be

honest real open sincere with you

Do you have a Vision?

Are you happy?

Are you going crazy?

Are you ready to listen?

If yes, continue, or else quit reading this!

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The Vision pulls you.

Are you still here?

If you’re riled up, it’s okay. You will forgive me and everyone, after reading through this entirely.

I‘m sure you will read this completely because you want to succeed in life.

I’m sure you want to receive everything that you desire.

And I am very sure your loved ones deserve what they want in life.

Let me ask a few questions again!

Be honest and be true to yourself.

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

– Helen Keller

What is stopping you from getting what you want?

What do you really want? Do you even know what you want? Do you have a list?

Let’s assume you know what you exactly want.

Did you get it?

I repeat, did you get what you want in life?

If yes, awesome!

Congratulations! I am really happy for you.

If not, then

What is really stopping you?

If you know the answer, it’s great, if not, please listen to me carefully.

What are you afraid of?

Are you scared of doing what you love doing? Do you know what you love to do?

Have you ever heard of this called Fear Quadrant?

After 20+ years of research, both personally and professionally with the help of my team who are subject matter experts who have extensive backgrounds in advanced psychology, we concluded that this

Fear Quadrant is the root cause for all your problems in life!

What’s stopping you from what you deserve? Maybe one or all of these!

Fear Factors

No Vision

No Idea

You Lack

It’s usually the fear of failure, the fear of uncertainty, the fear of rejection, the fear of being alone, the fear of many things, and the list goes on!
If not, you have “No Idea”, which is most common. You have no idea what you want and why you want. You absolutely have no clue.
Most of us may have some ideas, few have very clear ideas of what they want, but they might not have “No Vision”, meaning they have no clear visualization of what they want and how to achieve it. Simple!

A big group of people might disagree about all the above.

They might have it but you know what? They simply lack. Lack what? It depends! They may lack talent, skills, knowledge, know-how, focus, persistence, tenacity and the list goes on. People lack the courage to do it, and get it done!
Do you not know what’s stopping you?
Then, you have to overcome all the fear that’s cluttering your mind.
You have to get rid of the fear by bringing in so many beautiful things in your life through your mind and mindset first. This will give you the answer to what’s stopping you?

You are still not convinced? If you are not sure what, then we should discover…

Who Is Stopping You?

Some of them say, the world around them; the people, their families, the society around them is stopping them from succeeding. Are they stopping you?

I have a bitter truth to reveal now!

I have the most dreadful news to share with you!

I have the most untrustworthy group of people (not around us) above us who is stopping us!

They have been stopping us for centuries, not years or decades, not after you are born, they have been stopping us from moving forward for centuries!

We take 10 steps; they push us back 1000 steps.

It has been happening and they are doing it.

They are the world above us and not around us!

I am sorry to say this and share this unhealthy bitter truth.

Most of you may know, but some of us, our kids, our friends, and family, might not know what they are chasing, while not knowing who they are against and how powerful they are!

They were stopping me, but I disappeared, became a new man, made my new life, and kept them at distance. I watch them and they watch some of us! But we are protected, and I will tell you how later.

Do you think you make a choice?

You think you have control over what you do, what you buy, what you listen to, but you do not.

They sell, you buy

They speak, you listen.

They lead, you follow

They win, you lose

They govern, you elect

Well, actually, you actually don’t

You elect who they want you to choose!

You have no choice but to choose the best out of the worst that was given to you!

This is not a conspiracy theory my friend.

This is the bitter truth; you better realize the reality or dwell in it.

The choice is yours. The Universe has given you the choice.

God doesn’t always listen to our prayers because we are not rational.

This is not a conspiracy theory or a spiritual lesson.

This is simply business and a way of life.

Friends, Please continue to read. For your sake!

They collude and control us. They are one big massive evil mastermind.

You might ask why these evil and bad people get everything, all the money and wealth.

The truth is, they actually don’t.

They have not gotten the blessings of god or the universe.

They are simply good at what they do!

They are the best criminals ever that history has seen.

But the world and people haven’t seen it yet.

History repeats and reveals!

We will discover all the underground matters will rise up one day.

Why do money and wealth get accumulated to a specific group of people?

Some might even argue, why do bad people have a lot of money?

The Rich Gets Richer! Why?

Well, do you know how?

So, the answer to your question is simple!

Money follows powerful passion and not the other way.

They actually did not chase money, they chose to master the art of performing criminal activities, they did it well, they are experts at stealing, looting, taking everything away from you.

So, money just followed them.

It just follows your action and mainly the outcomes of your action.

You can’t chase money and wealth. The more you chase it, the more they will run away!

Money Heist – The Mastermind

If you watched the world-famous Netflix show

“La Casa de Papel” known as “Money Heist”

You’ll know that a mastermind needs a master that has a vision for the mastermind (The Professor) and a master plan to make that vision happen.
In the show, the team took money from the bank and gave it to the people. In the eyes of the government, they are bad, but in the eyes of the common folk, they are heroes! So the question isn’t what they did was right or wrong, because it all depends on who is looking. If the members of the mastermind are as passionate and involved as the members of the heist were, then this heist is not a fictional dream, but can actually happen in the real world!

Instead of chasing money, chase your dreams.

Create a Vision and follow your Plan.

Every criminal who never got caught, like them, never got caught, even if they do, they can easily escape. How? They are Visionaries and make fool-proof plans of action. They plan it diligently and meticulously and religiously follow their actions. There are no shortcuts, even to them. They work very hard to make and keep what they made.

I am not preaching to become one among them!

 Do you want to bring negativity into your life?

Do you want to become one of them?

Do you want to accumulate all the sins and want that bad money and wealth?

Absolutely not, and I know that.

So how do we bring abundance into our life?

I have the answer for you.

Attracting Unlimited Abundance is 100% Possible! How?

Abundance is not just money and wealth, it primarily includes health and longevity, love and relationships, peace and happiness. Everything combined with fulfillment and living in the “State of Bliss.”

Believe it or not!

We humans love, desire, and want so many things nonstop. We need

We need Millions of things from the time of birth, not 10 or 20 or 100 times…

We need things Millions of times, always and forever.

Our desires never stop!

We keep asking, and we keep getting everything from this amazing Universe

Starting from your mother and father.

When the newborn baby cries, how does it know? Why does it cry?

How does it know to ask for food (milk) from her mother the second he or she is born?

We ask our grandparents, siblings, friends, partners, children, and everyone around us!

But have you ever thought about giving?

Sometimes we get, sometimes we don’t and we get frustrated,

When the Universe doesn’t respond (on time)

We never ever keep asking the world what we want…

Have you ever thought about giving?

That’s the law of karma powered by the Law of Dharma!

It’s a boomerang, what you give is what you get, sometimes 10x or more…

But we only ask, ask and always ask…never think about giving!

And it’s several million times from the time of birth until we pass on!

It’s not 10X, nor 100X

It’s MillionX

Let’s find the X-Factor

You know how we get all those amazing things we love, ’cause’ the Universe is too big.

The Universe is infinite (X) times bigger than what all of us want.

I including the seven billion people on this planet, along with those several trillion living species living in the air, land, and water.

The Universe will keep on giving.

It provides for everything for everyone and it’s the wonderful thing created by god or is God itself!


Anyone can become a millionaire or billionaire!

Everyone can, the Universe has the power, potential, and the intention to give.

The only question is, do you deserve it?

And do you have the willpower and the perseverance to work on and on until you get it?

Are you ready to make that miracle happen?

Yes! We Can Make Miracles Happen!

I know, there’s a big “How” revolving within your mind right now!

As a newborn baby, we all did it. We got what we wanted as kids. Nobody knew how but we got.

Your mother provided for you. She knew what you wanted as a baby.

The infinite mother is the Universe and she knows what you want.

We all are connected to this Universe.

Like a mobile phone and a network works

Like the internet works

Like space stations work

And like 2% of the people in this world make miracles happen, every day!


By Applying The 10th Law Of Attraction
“The Law of the Universe.”

The Most Powerful Law


You can get all you want.

You can make miracles happen with the one and only law of the Universe!

Make Miracles Happen!

Redefine Your Destiny!

Don’t cry, do not fear, do not break your heads!

Do you want to know how?

Don’t keep asking how, trust me!

I have the solution!

It's time! Create Vision Make A Plan Take Massive Action It's Simple!

VPA can give what you want if you use it as a powerful tool and by applying the miracle of faith.

Trust the true Power of Belief – Believe in Yourself.

Faith and Belief are different.

First have faith in God, faith in the Universe, and believe in yourself.

The combination of faith and belief will give all the power to your VPA.

VPA is the way of life

VPA can make Impossible Possible!

Before we go into What’s VPA, Why, How and so on…

Let’s learn when VPA works!

The Origin of VPA

It all starts during the time of War

When countries fight for pride and power

When people fight for freedom and independence!

When you fight against injustice and inequality

When you fight for your rights

When you fight against negativity

When you fight for you and your family

When you eventually fight for your Success!

When you seek and fight for freedom of time and money

And decide to be independent of all,

That’s exactly when VPA will be born!

That’s when VPA will work!

You will really feel the true power of VPA only then, and realize

VPA is the way of life.

Everything Starts With Your Vision

The true process of manifestation begins there.

You will become a powerful manifestor like Oprah, Barack Obama, Tony Robbins, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and thousands of others we know.

Not just in the corporate field, but in any area, even at your home!

You can be a legend and leave a legacy. It’s simple!

Just have faith in the Universe and believe in yourself. This is your first step. Then,

Create A Big Vision

Make A Powerful Plan

Take Massive Action

Do not worry about the Results or Outcomes!

Leave it to the Universe, the magic will begin.

You will notice the seed becoming a tiny plant and growing into a big tree

Like Your Big Vision!

Congratulations and thanks for taking the time to read this.

“The road to success starts with the step in the right direction. This is your first step”

– Shaan Kaye