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A Vision is having a clear picture of your long-term endeavor. Having a clear vision will give you the ability to visualize a better future based on your dreams and current desires. The Vision Planner is your perfect accountability partner to help you establish that clear long-term vision and will guide you until it becomes a reality!


Design a strategic plan based on your Vision (long-term), Chief Aim (mid-term) and Goals (short-term) with the help of The Vision Planner. Without proper planning, your Vision will remain in your head and never come to fruition.


Having a clear vision and creating a strategic plan for it is pointless without taking MASSIVE action. At the same time, action without a clear vision and a rock-solid plan in mind is a waste of your time and energy.

Vision Plan Action For All

Transform your dreams and desires into a Vision, Plan, and Action! With the Vision Planner, you will be on your toes and will be responsible for every decision you take toward achieving your goal. Having a clear vision will help you stay focused and determined in achieving your goal. This is where the Vision Planner comes into play. The Vision Planner will guide you and hold accountability into turning your vision into a reality!

The extraordinary visionaries of the 21st Century all started from the same place as everyone else. But what made them so successful? They set their goals and visions extremely high, but made a well-thought-out plan on how to get there, and took massive action to make them happen. If they can do it, why can’t you? That is what The Vision Planner will help you achieve. Studies have proven that a 10X Vision (10 times bigger vision or goals) will most likely happen than a 2x goal, simply because we are highly motivated knowing the benefits of the outcomes. We are naturally driven and will think, work and take massive action knowing the magnitude of success and its end results.

The Vision Planner will guide you step-by-step and take you towards achieving your top goals –  your chief aim of the year, quarterly milestones, monthly targets, and weekly / daily tasks, to-dos, and makes sure you stay fit and healthy both mentally and physically throughout your transformation!

Who Should User This Planner?

The Vision Planner is designed for everyone that has big dreams and desires – A planner designed for Visionaries of all ages!

  • Everyone: Future visionaries, ambitious students and learners will be able to use The Vision Planner to build a strong foundation for their life and career.
  • Employees: Working professionals and Employees of a large company or firm who want to earn 10X Income must use this planner.
  • Executives: Inspiring the people you manage and becoming a Visionary Leader is the dream of any top executive. The Vision Planner helps you achieve exactly that!
  • Entrepreneurs: Whether you’re a veteran Entrepreneur, or an amateur Solopreneur, wanting to grow and scale 10X in a year is a main goal for every entrepreneur. The Vision Planner is the perfect tool to both guide and hold accountability in your 10X Growth!
  • Enterprises: The Vision Planner is ideal for every start-up to set department-level goals, targets for their teams, and to enable all employees to become successful and be accountable for end results.

25 Years of Success

Vision Plan Action since 1995

Since its inception in 1995, SK Group and its subsidiaries have made a significant impact on major industries with a proven track record of success for over 25 years. SK Group symbolizes longevity, strength, and power. With The Vision Planner, SK Publications, a subsidiary of SK Group, seeks to empower visionaries with the right tools and guidance to help achieve their Vision and Goals.
The Vision Planner is based on the VPA Model, where you state what you hope to achieve, how to plan on achieving it, and taking massive action to achieve it. VPA was an integral part of the application process at California Intercontinental University, where they were asked to clearly establish their goals and vision of joining the program based on their future plans, and were asked to choose their career path: Professional / Executive / Entrepreneur by the end of the program. Eventually, it was incorporated into the curriculum in 2005. 
The Vision Planner, which was born out of VPA is designed by a group of successful entrepreneurs, top executives, and professors from Harvard and Carnegie Mellon University and has undergone continuous development for more than 18 years, is now a practical tool for visionaries of all ages around the world.

Dream Big And
Chase Your Dreams!

The Vision Planner’s sole purpose is to help you transform your dreams and desires into reality. A Desire is a strong feeling towards something that you want. This is a four-stage process that starts from a dream and leads to Burning Desire, Vision, Plan, and Action.

With the Right Mindset, Focus and Productivity, you will achieve 100X Success in a few years.

  • 10X Mindset = Growing 10 Times

  • 10X Vision = 10X Growth + 10X Income
  • 100X Productivity = 100X Success


Think about what you really want in life. Don’t set any limitations to what that could be. Dreaming Big is essential to every successful person.


While a Dream is something that you see yourself doing, a Wish is more of something you would want. A fancy car, a big home, an expensive watch and so on.

Burning Desire

These dreams and desires must manifest themselves into a burning desire, something that keeps you both motivated and striving forward.


Clearly define your #1 Dream, your chief aim, and your 10X Vision, and then break it down into goals and targets to achieve.


Once your Vision is visualized, plan your course of action for the next 90 days as monthly targets and weekly tasks.


The final step is to take massive action as soon as possible and consistently monitor your progress on a daily basis. Each of these stages must be done with dedication to assure 100X Success in less than a year.

These are the 10 compelling reasons why we designed the Vision Planner though there are many planners available in the market.

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  01. Develop A 10X Vision

The Vision Planner teaches you the importance of dreaming big and shows you the process of turning those dreams and wishes into a burning desire. When you have a burning desire, you will be able to visualize your long-term Vision. The Vision Planner will advise you step-by-step on how to design a Plan, and empower you to take massive Action. This planner will turn your dreams into reality.

02. Maintain A 10X Lifestyle

The Vision Planner doesn’t just transform you, but transforms your surroundings as well. Aim ten times higher when you set your goals in business and life. You’re probably not thinking big enough about your life’s work, projects, and what you want to achieve in your career. Only when you strive to achieve your 10X Vision, will you get 10X Growth and live that 10X Lifestyle.

03. Balance Six Pillars of Life

The Vision Planner will help you understand and balance the six pillars of life: health, wealth, relationships, love, peace, and happiness. Achieve your goals and dreams without turning down people and the things that are important to you. The Vision Planner was designed for you to reflect and evaluate what is important to you, and how you can obtain it or keep it!

04. The 10 Levels of Success

The Vision Planner introduces the novel concept of the “Levels of Success” so that you can gain clarity and evaluate your current level of success and will guide you on how to design a strategic plan to achieve the levels you desire. The Vision Planner adopts the Laws of Attraction and is based on the Laws Of Success, and will help you achieve both what you want and what life has to offer.

05. Visionary Tool    

The Vision Planner is designed by a group of successful entrepreneurs, top executives, and professors from Harvard and Carnegie Mellon University and has undergone continuous development for more than 18 years, is now a practical tool for visionaries of all ages around the world.

06. VPA Model        

The Vision Planner utilizes the Vision-Plan-Action Model where you state what you hope to achieve, how to plan on achieving it, and will finally guide and push you to take massive action in a consistent manner. The beauty of the VPA model is its universal applicability and it should be used by all seekers of success. The Vision Planner is your roadmap to lifelong success.

07. ADVISE Method    

This planner is your trusted Accountability partner and helps you build Determination in pursuing your health and wealth objectives and follows VPA Model to increase your productivity. It also helps in improving your creative Innovation using SIMPLE strategy and overall make your life Easy to reach your short and long-term goals.

08. SIMPLE Goals     

It helps you understand the importance of the Keeping It Short and Simple (KISS concept) based on SIMPLE strategy in goal setting designed by our core team. SIMPLE strategy enforces you to create your long- and short-term goals that are Specific, Achievable, Measurable, Progressive, Leverage (Experts), and Enhance periodically.

09. The 5R Principle         

The Vision Planner advises you to create a rock-solid daily Routine, Rituals, follow the 1% rule, Repetition, and Reinforcement. For the very first time, you’ll experience the 5R Principle in action. It increases your overall performance and productivity by a 100 times, and also increases the power of your subconscious mind, which in turn automatically enforces you to achieve “mastery” in multiple areas.

10. Achieve 100X Productivity

With this planner, you will learn how to optimize your VPA for maximum efficiency, measure performance, track your progress and increase productivity across teams. Overall, it increases the operational accountability of every person in the organization, mainly the leaders; thereby it leads to 100X productivity and 100X success.

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” – Hellen Keller


The Vision Planner adopts the Laws of Attraction, which states that like attracts like. Positive things will attract positive experiences. The Vision Planner is designed to fill the empty gaps in your head with positivity and remove any negativity, so that you always look at the bright side and improve upon the present, rather than sink after a failure.


The Vision Planner introduces The 10 Levels of Success. Achieving the 10 Levels of Success is achieving and attaining everything that life has to offer. The Vision Planner will help you gain clarity and evaluate your current level of success, and will guide you on how to design a strategic plan to achieve the levels you desire.


The Vision Planner builds your foundation by cementing the Triads of Success in you: Motivation, Affirmations, and Habits.  The Vision Planner will motivate you every day throughout your transformation, will keep you upbeat and positive with daily affirmations, and will nurture successful habits into your lifestyle.


Apply 10X Mantra to Empower Yourself to grow 10 times every few years. Develop a 10X Mindset, to visualize and create a 10X Vision. Take Massive Action to attain 10X Growth and a 10X Income, to finally achieve 100X Success.


The Vision Planner is based on The 10 Laws of Success – A set of building blocks that ensure success to anyone who follows and practices them religiously. Discover the fundamentals of any successful individual and how you need to build them in order to achieve true success.


The 90 Day Total Transformation will allow you to UNLEASH the power of Neuroplasticity and EXPAND your Brainpower to visualize and process your long-term big Vision and the strategies to achieve it. The Vision Planner stimulates your brain plasticity, changing it and evolving it to develop and build abilities to think, dream big and process complex information.

The Triad Of Success

Build the foundation for success with daily motivation, positive affirmation and developing success habits




One common question that people ask successful people is, “how did you become so successful?” Many would say that focusing on small improvements on yourself every day can yield big results. Small, consistent habits can change your life. Part of forming a habit is the consistent repetition of the behavior. While this may sound intimidating, forming intentional and daily habits is one way to help you handle unexpected challenges.


Motivating yourself constantly is a crucial step as it allows us to change behavior, develop competencies, be creative, set goals, grow interests, make plans, develop talents, and so on. We are constantly responding to changes in our environment and Motivation is that necessary and vital resource that will allow us to adapt, be productive, and maintain wellbeing to take corrective action in the face of unexpected challenges and threats.




Positive affirmations work because of a scientific principle known as neuroplasticity. They are incredibly powerful because they release you from negativity, fear, worry, and anxiety. When these affirmations are repeated over and over again, they begin to take charge of your thoughts, slowly changing your pattern of thinking and ultimately changing your life.

The 10 Laws Of Success

The Laws of Success are a century-old, well-organized, highly effective, and widely adopted principles that were considered as secrets of success till date, originally developed and written by Napoleon Hill. These 10 modern laws of success are the building blocks for highly successful people that have been enhanced and perfected to suit the professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs of the 21st century.

The 10 Laws Of Attraction

The Vision Planner adopts the Laws of Attraction – Your results and the outcomes you get are based on your thoughts and what you focus your energy to. Positive thoughts and emotions attract positive results and experiences. The Laws of Attraction instantly help you change your state of mind from negative to positive by triggering positive thoughts while killing negative emotions. Regardless of who you are, it is said that we are all guided by the laws governing the universe including the Law of Attraction. The power of the mind is used to translate our thoughts and visions into reality.

10 Levels Of Success


The Vision Planner introduces The 10 Levels of Success. An important step on your road to success is identifying your current position and visualizing where you want to be. The success levels chart will help you fill it out so you can always see where you are and where you want to be. Ensure that your goal is, however, realistic and achievable. When you have determined your current level, you can plan accordingly and set milestones that will help you achieve level 10 Success in 5 to 7 years.


The Power Of


Following The Vision Planner is your first step to achieve Total Transformation in a matter of 90 Days. UNLEASH the Power of Neuroplasticity and Enhance Your Brainpower.
Finding it hard to believe? Here’s how it works, based on actual scientific processes involved in the Brain.


Like we mentioned earlier, this is your brain’s ability to change and adapt itself. Your brain is constantly changing and evolving, and The Vision Planner incorporates the 10 Levels of Success to take advantage of this and stimulates your brain plasticity to develop your Critical, Cerebral and Cognitive functions, and brings out your hidden passions, helping you discover your purpose and view your life on a whole.


The Vision Planner provokes and develops your ability to make mental images, mind-maps and visual-diagrams to process complex information, organize in a way that it is readily accessible whenever you need it and work in large-scale enterprise organizations. By using visualization daily, your brain will more readily allow any opportunities to meet your goals into your mind.

Neuro-linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP for short is a brain process that involves analyzing strategies and techniques of successful people and applying them to yourself to reach a personal goal, making it a subconscious habit that you cannot break. The Vision Planner manages to do this by changing your state of mind from negative to positive thoughts instantly, by triggering positive feelings while destroying negative emotions.


The Vision Planner incorporates these brain processes and is designed in such a way that it will empower you and your long-term development of brain neurons so that you will be able to build from the bottom up, both creatively and financially, Neurogenesis will balance and manage the change that’s going to happen to you both mentally and physically, as well as to your surroundings.

The brain processes mentioned above help you massively by incorporating these 4 necessary skills and techniques in a span of 90 Days:

Boost Your Memory

With Neuroplasticity, your brain’s ability to recall information will greatly improve. You will be able to recall details and information of both yesterday and a decade ago, while developing the brainpower required to handle all of this information.

Crunch Numbers

Develop your creativity and innovate new business models, ideas and transform innovation into financial modelling by crunching and processing millions and billions in valuations through long term revenue models.

Brain Train

Following The Vision Planner’s Daily Rituals will help increase your critical and cognitive abilities to eventually think, process and make big decisions like a CEO and or a political leader without 10-20 years of experience.


Find capable mentors, follow your role models and join Masterminds that will empower you by surrounding yourself with geniuses, experts and successful people.

Empower Yourself


The Vision Planner is the PERFECT resource for Visionaries, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs!

Empower Yourself with the 10X Mantra. The 10X Mantra starts with your purpose of life, your big vision, and your mindset to achieve significant growth by setting goals and targets that are 10 times greater than what you believe you can achieve. Apply 10X to every aspect of your life to achieve 100X Success.

Transform Yourself In 90 Days!

In 90 Days, The Vision Planner will transform you and your surroundings and revamp your life.
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Committing to your goal by taking some action is always better than taking no action at all. You might have gotten tired of hearing this but it is the truth — you will never get there if you do not try. Imagine how far you will go if you spend a meager 20 minutes daily on your goal for a whole year.

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